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150 M 2


Located on the hills of Garches, in the west of Paris, this magnificent 150m2 house was delivered in September 2017 after a total renovation. The ground floor has been completely modified, to allow the kitchen to dialogue simultaneously with the large living room, the dining room and the exterior overlooking the garden. A friendly space, adapted to the needs of a young family of five, and at the same time adaptable to the new needs of telework.

The renovation project wanted to place the existing staircase at the center of the project: the new spaces are now articulated around this central pivot.

Upstairs, we have created a new master suite with dressing room and large adjoining bathroom. From this elevated space, thanks also to the large existing bay window and the construction of a new balcony, you can enjoy the panorama of Garches and cast your gaze a little further, on the Parisian rooftops and the Eiffel Tower.

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